Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herb of the Nine: Stinging Nettle

While piddling around my garden today I was stung by my nettles.  My nettle patch is still very sparse despite being two years old so I let them all go to seed before harvesting them.  I careful shook the seeds off the stems today but still managed to get stung.  With knuckles burning hours later it became apparent that the nettles wanted to be the subject of my first blog post: 


I love nettles!  If you do not have a nettle patch growing I strongly suggest planting one.  They make a delicious protein rich addition to soups and dried leaves steeped in water makes is a great source of chlorophyll. I particularly enjoy nettle tea during the dark days of winter.  It rich green broth transports me to the verdant days of spring.


Since I will not have enough to harvest this year for tea or soup, and generally you do not want to use nettles after they have bolted this year’s harvest will be saved for magical use.


Due to the sting of nettles my first inclination is to use nettle for protection magic using the energy of the sting to drive away unwanted energies.


However the sting can also be invigorating brining attention and energy to an afflicted area therefore nettle can aid in the alleviation of stagnation.


And finally it a prolific grower and spreads quickly in very poor soil, it is often used by survivalist as nourishment because it is easily obtained in the most remote areas and full of rich nutrients. Invoking the energy of nettles would also be useful during great time of need.


I personally do not mind the slight sting of nettles occasionally so if I get stung I often just let the sting remain.  However while harvesting nettles you should use heavy gloves, and plant nettles away from areas children and animal might play. 


There is a Rhyme “Nettle in, dock out, Dock in, nettle out, Nettle in, dock out, Dock rub nettle out. So if you get stung and want to alleviate the pain, rub dock leaves over the inflicted area.


  1. Welcome to blogging! There is an awesome community of bloggers, pagan and otherwise.
    I am excited to read your herb lore. I find myself spinning in place when I try to study herbs.

  2. Hi Celestite,
    Thank you so much for your comment, its my very first!